Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trey's Lesson Plans - April 12 - 16

Wow - it's already Wednesday!  What a wonderful week it's turning out to be!  Last week, Trey and I finished up our unit on Electricity.  We made a very cool game called the Steady Hand Game using a Series Circuit, a block of wood, and some welding wire.  It's similar to the game "Operation," but without all the bells and whistles.  It was fun, though!  I'll write another post explaining the procedures with pictures a little later on - so stay tuned!  :) 

ALSO!!!!  My little man was BAPTIZED this past Sunday!!!  I was so proud of him!!!  :)  Woo hoo!!!  What a wonderful little soldier he will be in God's Army!! 

Here are our plans for this week:

For Trey

Math -
  • Metric Capacity (Gallon Man!!)

Science -
  • Begin unit on Sound and Light
  • Experiment:  What makes sound change?  Tie a string around the neck of a 2 L bottle (tie in with Capacity!!!), Fill the bottle about 1/3 full, and screw on cap.  Use the string to hang so the bottle hangs freely.  Pluck the string and watch to see if the water vibrates.  Experiment with plucking the string gently/hard, how far the bottle hangs down, how much water you fill it with, etc. 
  • Discuss Sound Energy (Tie in with music - use Guitar)
Reading -
  • Koya's Cousin Del 
  • Skill Lesson : Visualizing
  • Also read selections from Little House on the Prairie with eyes closed - How does it look to you?  How do you feel? 
Social Studies -
  • The Southwest - Grand Canyon, Saguaro Nat'l Park, Arizona, Beaumont, Texas.
Spelling -
  • Plural Possessives
Grammar, Usage, Mechanics (GUM)
  • Comparing with Adjectives - use adjectives to compare two people, places, things. 
  • 2 or more syllables = use "more/most"  (Most Beautiful)
  • 1 syllable = just ad -er  (Smaller)
Writing Skills
  • Library Skills
  • Card Catalog
  • Call #'s
  • Dewey Decimal System
  • FIELD TRIP:  Library Scavenger Hunt!!!!  Use learned Library Skills to find books on list! 
  • Why Am I Here?
  • To Love and Obey God. (Abraham's Sacrifice)
  • To Praise God. (Paul and Silas, David)
  • To Worship God. (Israelites Worshipped Golden Calf, Moses)
  • To Serve God. (Daniel, Making Choices, Priorities)

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