Monday, March 8, 2010

Whooaaaa Nellie!!!

Well, I think I've got the technical difficulty figured thanks to blogger or their ever helpful message board/forum thing that they urge you to post to before contacting an actual person, yet no one ever answers said question.  Err...can ya tell I'm a little miffed about all this?

Anywho...over a month later, I RETURN!  Yay!  I've missed everything!  It's going to take me 40 forevers just to read through everyone's posts and try to hit everybody back that followed me from the Friday Follow.  Please be patient with me.  I'm on the edge, I tell ya!! 

For those who are interested in how the past month has gone for us, let me just say that it's been wild.  On the 10th of February, I had a minor surgery which kept me in bed for a few days.  So Gary had to take off to help take care of the kiddos, house, and homeschool.  He was amazing, and I'm so thankful that I have a husband who would drop everything to take care of me when I need it most.  I'm still trying to get caught back up on laundry and chores, but those are small things compared to everything he did for me!!

In addition to homeschool lessons, we now have T-Ball practice for Lindsay.  Addie had got a speaking part in the school play, and may I just child was the BEST!?!   ; )  Trey filmed it for us, but unless you enjoyed the Blair Witch Project - type cinematography, you'd probably get ill if I posted it. 

We also got a wonderful snow earlier in the month.  Oddly enough, the next weekend, the temps were in the 60's.  Texas - you just gotta love it here!!  And since the weather has been really nice for the past couple of weeks, the kids have found themselves traipsing (yeah, I really used that word!!)  all around the neighborhood, meeting new friends, having NERF wars, sleepovers, and trampoline contests.  It's been great to see them so happy.  Especially Trey - he loves homeschooling, but was starting to miss having friends that he can play with regularly.  They were even invited to a skating party for Trey's new "best friend."  This move has been the answer to our prayers!! 

Speaking of the move - I'm still working on the wallpaper in the kids bathroom.  I managed to get the top layer off, but the paper backing is still firmly affixed to the wall.  They glued it right to the sheetrock!!!  It makes me so mad because on the small areas where they had overspray from painting the trim, the wallpaper came off sooo easily!  All the contractor had to do was apply a coat of primer before he wallpapered, and my life would be so much easier right now!!   URGGHH!!!  I've tried a wallpaper steamer, and it does nothing.  I tried really hot liquid fabric softener and water....2 hours later, I had a 2 x 2 square peeled off.  Errrr....

If anyone has any suggestions for how to get this stuff off my wall - PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!  I'm seriously thinking that the best way to get it off is going to involve a match and a can of gasoline.  I'm only half teasing.  LOL....

It's great to be back - I promise to spend some time this week trying to hit back everyone who followed me on Friday Follow before my massive computer meltdown!!  Hope you guys have a great week!! : )