Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Classroom!!

If you're like me, you love to surf the web in search of pics of other homeschool classrooms.  But to be honest, there's just not very many pictures out there.  What's up with that??  Are people afraid that some serial stalker will show up at their home, based on an interior shot of their school room??  Good golly!  Seriously?

So in honor of my fellow stalkers browsers...this one's for you!

Heritage Homeschool

This used to be the Dining Room.  There was a hu. MON. gous crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling (lol, where else would it be?).  We replaced it with a much needed ceiling fan.  There was so much wallpaper, it made my head hurt.  Below the chair rail was painted burgandy.  The chair rail itself was pink.  The door was also pink.  The wallpaper put up a great fight - winning round 1.  However, I finished strong with a 1-2 punch of Texture (Joint Compound) and Paint.  I think it turned out great~  The green carpet will have to stay until we get a wealthier!  So I tried to work it into the overall scheme of the room.  I don't think it's quite AS noticable...until I point it out anyway!  :O

Reading Spot

I found the bean bag chair at Wal-Mart online for about $40.  Free site to store shipping!! 

I took down the pink door - it's handy to be able to see all the way through the kitchen when you have a preschooler running around the house!  And yes - my OCD immediately took over when I saw this pic and I've already climbed the ladder to fix the crooked-ness of my alphabet. 

That's an old Hoosier cabinet that belonged to my great grandmother.  I've always loved that piece, and when we moved I was sad to find that I didn't have a spot for it in my kitchen.  I think this is the next best thing.  I love using antiques for everyday tasks...I think they have a spirit about them that longs for use and appreciation.  I just taped some colored paper to the door inserts, so I could rotate artwork and quotes in and out.  Here's an upclose shot....

And another...

Moving on to the other side of the room...

My desk and antique armoir supply cabinet.  For my desk, I chose really cheap kitchen base cabinets, and an inexpensive countertop for the surface.  I intentionally moved over the left base cabinet a little so I would have storage space for my bulletin board stuff underneath.  

The hubs was kind enough to build me some shelves to go inside the cabinet.  I've had this piece since I was in high school, and it's served many purposes.  It's been a TV cabinet, extra closet, blanket storage, and media it's home to many, many supplies.........

A glimpse into my life of OCD...even my label maker is labeled.   Oh - and I was pleased to find that the little storage caddy fit perfectly inside the cabinet - like a glove!!  You can find them anywhere, but I got mine here at Target, I think.  I just took out the colored bins (using them in various places around the room and throughout the house), and replaced them with clear shoe-box type bins with lids. 

See? I told you I use the colored bins!!! Much too pretty to be locked away in a cabinet! I love organizing books this way - especially for my preschooler.

I rotate books in and out of these bins periodically, so the kids don't get bored, and so I don't have 12 bookshelves in my schoolroom...I don't have the room, and I hate the cluttered look. The other books are stored in the cabinets in our living room.

I find that the kiddos are much more likely to put their books back where they belong, if where they belong is not a mosh pit of paper cuts. This way, Lindsay can pull out her bin, thumb through it, find the perfect book, and then put it away when she's done.  Genius, I can stop clapping now... ; )

So there you have it - your own personal tour through Heritage Homeschool!  I hope this inspires some of my fellow homeschoolers to get that camera out and post some pics of their classrooms for the rest of us to snoop through!  :)   Have a great weekend!!

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