Friday, April 26, 2013

Pink Moon?

So I heard there was supposed to be a pink moon the other night. Having no more information than an obviously photoshopped picture that I saw on Facebook, of all places, we all went outside to try to see it. But we have a lot of mature trees in our area, and we couldn't get a very good view. So we set out in our PJs and flip flops, and got in the car to go find this Pink Moon.

This is what we saw ...

I'm sure that if we had been able to view it at an earlier time, it would have been more spectacular.  We drove for a while, found an empty field, and pulled in. Thankfully, we weren't met by an angry landowner. Not quite pink, but beautiful nonetheless. We will spend the rest of the week and weekend researching this pink moon phenomenon.

Score another one for our little "not exactly" homeschool! :)


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