Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I Want to Avoid...

Yesterday I mentioned that I see differences in my kids since they started public school. They're small differences so far, and I suppose that a lot of parents would even consider this to be normal, but they bother me nonetheless.

Here's what I'm talking about:

As you can see, Lindsay is now a TV Zombie, and Addie has an iPod super-glued to her hand. (As you can also see, I'm NOT a photographer - or a housekeeper evidently.)  It drives me crazy! TV, Xbox, and YouTube have taken over our home, and it's spreading like an infectious disease. Trey couldn't even be captured on film because he was barricaded in his room with some awful video game that he plays online with his friends from school - some sort of military game. He is super serious about it - he has headphones and other "gear". ::Sigh:: I'm not sure how this even started.

Well never fear - MOM is here! I'm going to start working on my lessons for different Life and Social Skills, and we're going to work! I hope they love it as much as the iPod! :).  The good news is that at least Trey still loves to read as much as ever - and often times will choose a book over the xbox, so all is not completely lost.  There's hope!!  Hooray!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

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