Sunday, January 17, 2010

Homeschool Toolbox - Recycling Project!!

Ever go to Sonic and order enough drinks to constitute using one of their drink carriers? We actually do - way too often in fact. These things are pretty sturdy, so I thought I'd try to re-use this in a way that could benefit our homeschooling endeavours - but you could just as easily adapt it for a child's room, the living room remotes, in an art closet, etc. The uses really are limitless. Since we're doing our homeschool lessons at the kitchen table for now, I thought a Homeschool Toolbox would be handy for us.

You'll need a Sonic 4-drink carrier (I'm sure other places have similar ones, too - I've even thought about doing the 2-drink carriers for each child to have their own caddy), labels, stickers, and 4 containers that fit in the openings. I used some small decorative square flower pots that I had around the house. But I've found that those plastic SOLO cups also fit perfectly, and it's a great way to recycle those cups left over from the holidays, etc. :) OR - you could wash out the actual cups that came with the carrier if you're in Super-Recycler Mode.

I printed labels to place under each compartment of the caddy...just to make it easier for the kiddos to find what they need. I also placed a label at the handle - I found that return address labels fit perfectly here!

I also went through some old scrapbooking stickers and found these foam "tool" stickers! I think it turned out cute, and it took less than 5 minutes to put together. :)


  1. Now that is an awesome use a drink holder for supplies! Do you mind if I borrow a picture and give you complete credit for the idea and linking back to your page? I love it!

    Lori @ 123comehomeschoolwithme

  2. Nope! Not at all!! :) Thanks!! :)


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