Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recycling Project - Paper Overload!!

Ever had one of these days?

This was me a few days ago.  Seriously. Whether you homeschool like me, or have kids in public school (also like me), you must know what this feels like.  At least this lady has a large enough desk to pile it onto! Geesh!

Since Trey has gotten the whole family into "Going Green," we've been making a collective conscious effort to try to reuse as much as possible.  So when I came upon  these boxes a couple of weeks ago, I set them aside and just knew I'd be able to come up with something great for them. 

I sat and sat, and stewed and stewed, and tried to figure out what on earth I was going to do with these boxes that could unleash my creativity a little.  Using them as (gasp!) plain old boxes just would not do! 
I went to my thinking spot - the fridge - and pondered and wondered some more.  Then I shut the refrigerator door and it hit me in the face!  No, seriously, it hit me in the face.  Our fridge was covered in soooo many reminders, notes, calendars, menu planners, and special "For You, Mommy," crafts that I almost gave my eyeball a papercut as I was closing the door.  {Shiver}  It looks like a ginormous Where's Waldo exhibit.  So this is what I came up with. 

All I used was old scrapbooking paper and stickers.  I cut out some black paper for the chalkboard, and wrote on it with actual chalk to give it a more authentic chalkboard effect.  You get the idea.  I love it.  So much in fact, that I use it to hold all of my teacher guides, gradebook, menu planners, and other Mom stuff - to keep it off the fridge....well, with the exception of the special "For You, Mommy," crafts - they still hang in their usual spot on the fridge where they belong!!  :) 

I got so excited at how much life and color this brought to our homeschool area, that I decided to make another one for Trey's paperwork.  He now has a place to put his completed work for me to grade.  Once I grade it, I place it behind the tab, "Graded Work."  At the end of our school day, he picks up all his graded work, reviews it, and then places it in his binder. 

It's the same process for this box.  I just used some die cut stars that I had left over from one of last year's bulletin boards.  I tried a white paint pen on this one instead of chalk, because Trey would be the primary user of this box, and I didn't want the chalk to rub off.  I think it worked out ok, but it doesn't show up as well as the chalk did.  :(  The back tab is just a Title Tab sort of thing.  I cut all of the flaps off the top of the box except one.  I covered it in scrapbook paper, and printed off a title from my computer.  You can't see it very well, so I probably could have left it off. 

What types of organizational products do you use in your home office / homeschool area? 

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