Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Fall, Y'all!!

Last week was really fun - our homeschool group got to attend Kids Day at the's nice for parents because the rides aren't open, so we didn't have to compete for our children's attention during fun lessons of dairy farming (we got to watch a farmer milk a live cow!), agriculture, and farm animals.  We also got to attend a rodeo that featured kids of all ages from 5 - 17!  They had the cutest little 5 year old barrel racer!!!

But of course, no trip to the fair would be complete without some rides, so we splurged and took them back the next night to ride the rides and take in as much fair food as their tummies could hold!  We also went back for the "real" rodeo.   It was a really fun week last week!! 

Kind of sad our little fair is over, but today made my year!!  I woke up to the most beautiful surprise this morning:  crisp air flowing through my open windows and beautiful autumn sunshine!!!  I just couldn't fathom the idea of being cooped up in the house all day, so for the kid's lunch break, I surprised them with a picnic in the park.  We brought along bread to feed the geese (sorry no pictures - my phone's battery was almost dead), and then played until it was time to go home and finish our schoolwork.

Lindsay (right) with a park friend

Getting ready to go ZOOM!!

You can do it, Addie!!!
My little Monkey Man!

 They had a BLAST!  Hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy this beautiful day like we did!!

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